Meet the Team

dreampcportrait“I’ve taken a great interest in technology ever since I was a little kid. After building my first PC in 2012, I have continued to pursue my interests in gaming, PCs, etc and have now launched my own business! After working in electronics retail for a number of years, I finally have a chance to branch out and do something I love.”
-Oliver Webb, Owner & Founder



aaron portrait
“I have been a gaming fanatic since I can remember. I grew up playing Call of Duty which then inspired me to created my YouTube channel VezohsEdits. After buying a low-end pre-built, I realised it wasn’t up to the task and started to upgrade it. This is why I have joined DreamPC: to help people like myself and many others to get the PC of their dreams from the very start!”
-Aaron Scrutton, Brand Ambassadorregularlogo